Inspirational Care is a non-profit 501(3) home care organization in Connecticut that was established in 2014. Inspirational Care was founded by Dr. Cortney Dunlap as a reactive measure to the significantly large number of persons with mental health disabilities in rural or saturated areas with limited access to home care assistance and family support services in Connecticut.


Our purpose is to provide in-home and community-based services that will assist individuals, while providing services for the families of our individuals. We work with individuals from all different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.


Our philosophy is to deliver person-centered care and support, leading to innovative, flexible and effective ways of working. Clients are encouraged to develop their own individual lifestyles, acquire new skills and work towards new personal goals. Our trained support staff helps clients lead as full a life as possible in the community with access to social, recreational, work-based and educational activities. We pride ourselves on our unrivaled level of personal care providing physical, emotional, intellectual and social support to service clients. We provide a stimulating and caring service where people can learn social & domestic skills and develop confidence.


We support individuals with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Asperger, Acquired Brain injury (ABI), Cerebral Palsy, Mental Health, PWS and associated complex needs such as epilepsy and those who may challenge a service.

We believe in valuing and investing in our staff as this benefits those we are privileged to support as we seek to deliver high quality care and effective positive outcomes.


We do not put a cap to the ceiling of an individual’s achievement and ability. We aspire to inspire and encourage partnership and working together to assist an individual to reach their full potential.


                                 CARING FOR THE AGEING

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