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Job Title: Support Staff - (Connecticut)


Job Summary: A flexible range of supportive assistance provided face-to-face in accordance with a Waiver Recovery Plan that enables a participant to maintain a home/apartment, encourages the use of existing natural supports, and fosters involvement in social and community activities. Service activities include: performing household tasks, providing instructive assistance, or cuing to prompt the participant to carry out tasks (e.g., meal preparation; routine household chores, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and bill-paying; and participation in social and recreational activities), and; providing supportive companionship. The Recovery Assistant may also provide instruction or cuing to prompt the participant to dress appropriately and perform basic hygiene functions; supportive assistance and supervision of the participant, and; short-term relief in the home for a participant who is unable to care for himself/herself when the primary caregiver is absent or in need of relief.


Job Title: Case Manager- (Connecticut)

Job Summary: The primary role of this position is to provide community support services to adults living with severe mental health, substance abuse, brain injury, or Elderly. A comprehensive knowledge of recovery and rehabilitative services are required, most of which are provided in non-office settings. These interventions are strength-based and focus primarily on promoting recovery, symptom reduction, increased coping skills, and achievement of the highest level of functioning that result in community integration and support the recovery process for each individual. The Case Manager has the ability to deliver services in various environments, such as residential, workplace, shelters, etc. These services and interventions are highly individualized and tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual.