Behavioral Health Services

The behavioral Health Services include a wide range of mental health, substance abuse and rehabilitation treatment programs for all ages. Individual, group and family therapy as well as medication evaluation and management are conducted by licensed professional staff. Common to all of our programs is a dedicated team approach to developing an individualized plan of care for each client. The focus of our treatment is to identify an individual’s strengths and competencies. We assist our clients with coping more effectively in times of significant challenge or difficulty in their lives.


Adult Services


           The Companion/Homemakers service provides companionship, friendship and emotional support to those clients who may require some attendance beyond which family members or facility staff can provide. Companion/Homemakers do not perform any hands-on personal health care services. We promote independence without interrupting routines and surroundings. We provide


  • Personalized care by dedicated in-home caregivers, available as needed.

  • Overall increased quality of life by continuing access to friends, family, and pets.

  • Provide escort services such as taking the client to the doctor

  • Assistance with daily household tasks (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.)

  • Assistance with maintaining medication schedules

  • Help with telephone calls and correspondence

  • Round the clock support

  • Provide client-centered companionship and safety for the client.


Children and Adolescent Services

        Assessment Services

        Assessment of a child or youth, includes an initial face-to-face screening, additional face-to-face contacts with the individual and collateral contacts with family       members, caretakers and other treatment providers, determination of the individual's strengths and limitations, development of a differential diagnosis,         identification of  any disability, detvisedermination of functional capacity, identification of natural supports and development of review of an individualized service plan. Assessment allows for  reimbursement associated with the preparation of the assessment. 


        Temporary Care Services

         Temporary Care is defined as a service to provide a short-term break or intervention, separating the child or youth from caregivers for a limited period of time to assist the family in managing and attending to the needs of all family members. 


        Supervised Visitation Services

        Supervised Visitation is a service used in order to facilitate contact between children or youth in out in out of home care and their biological parents, relatives or significant others, primarily a sitebased service or a community setting. 


         Therapeutic Support Services

         Therapeutic Support Staff Services are intended to address the individualized needs of a child or youth with complex behavioral health needs that is at risk of entering a residential level of care or who is being discharged from residential treatment or a more acute level of care. This service is provided for up to eight hours per week per youth and includes a combination of structured and enrichment activities consistent with identified treatment plan objectives, and to assist each child or youth to develop skills that support good decision-making, pro-social choices, life skills that foster independence and skills that replace problematic behaviors. 


         Support Staff Services

         Support Staff Services are intended to address the individualized needs of a child or youth with challenging behavioral presentations. This service is provided for up to five hours per week per youth and includes a combination of structured and enrichment activities consistent with identified treatment plan objectives.