Recovery Assistant



 A flexible range of supportive assistance provided face-to-face in accordance with a Waiver Recovery Plan that enables a participant to maintain a home/apartment, encourages the use of existing natural supports, and fosters involvement in social and community activities. Service activities include: performing household tasks, providing instructive assistance, or cuing to prompt the participant to carry out tasks (e.g., meal preparation; routine household chores, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and bill-paying; and participation in social and recreational activities), and; providing supportive companionship. The Recovery Assistant may also provide instruction or cuing to prompt the participant to dress appropriately and perform basic hygiene functions; supportive assistance and supervision of the participant, and; short-term relief in the home for a participant who is unable to care for himself/herself when the primary caregiver is absent or in need of relief.


A Recovery Assistant shall:

  • Be at least 18 years old;

  • Possess at least a high school diploma or GED;

  • Possess a valid Connecticut driver’s license; and

  • Be registered with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) as having completed an approved Recovery Assistant training program and meet any continuing education and/or training requirements set by DMHAS

  • Training requirement: Training programs will address abilities to: 

    • Follow instructions given by the participant or the participant’s conservator;

    • Report changes in the participant’s condition or needs; 

    • Provide services in a respectful, culturally competent manner. 

    • Use crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques; and 

    • Maintain accurate, complete and timely records that meet Medicaid requirements; 

    • Accept supervision in a manner prescribed by the department or its designated agent; 

    • Respond to fire and emergency situations; 

    • Function as a member of an interdisciplinary team; 

    • Implement cognitive and behavioral strategies; 

    • Meet the participant’s needs as delineated in the waiver Recovery Plan; 

    • Maintain confidentiality;



Our recovery assistants use a person centered, strength based and highly individualized approach to assist individuals in achieving and maintaining their highest degree of independent functioning.


Our services are provided in the client’s home and in other community settings.  Services are focused on skills building with a goal of teaching and learning a variety of skills applicable to his/her living environment.